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the best way you can breathe new life into a home is with the refreshing magic provided by a professional paint job.

Our friendly staff will take your calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will offer you quick and courteous service throughout your home renovation project. From your first request, we will help you to get an accurate estimate, book your job, and won’t consider the job complete until we know you are 100% happy!   

It’s amazing what new paint on the walls can do to transform your space! Tired, gloomy rooms can suddenly burst with new life and the right colour scheme can actually make a previously cramped room seem more spacious and inviting.


Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboard Painting & Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Rejuvenate your existing kitchen for a fraction of the replacement cost with ABBY Pro Kitchen Respraying.

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We can transform your tired or out dated looking kitchen to look like new in just a few days and for 25% of the replacement cost


Getting furniture resprayed is an excellent solution for slowing down the hands of time and dealing with the problems that have appeared through the years. The professional paint used is very tough and it will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.

Old pieces of furniture can very often have emotional or sentimental value. There could be family heirloom pieces or favorite items that belonged to a parent or a grandparent. Throwing such items away is impossible for many homeowners. Furniture respraying is the perfect possibility for preserving these pieces. Though their appearance will be slightly modified, the family heirlooms will remain inside your home for many additional years. You’ll get to enjoy those and relive the wonderful memories. ABBY Pro Professional spray painting is one of the best options for preserving older furniture. The outcome looks great and the project is inexpensive, which is why you need to give the possibility a try.

ABBY pro Painters is a family owned business offering the best service in Norfolk County since 1999!

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