ECO-FRIENDLY – As one of the pioneers in choosing and using almost exclusively low to zero VOC quality paints from trusted brands like Benjamin Moore and BEHR, ABBY Pro Painters has since become a vanguard of environmental protection for the always growing population of Norfolk County.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our friendly staff will take your calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will offer you quick and courteous service throughout your home renovation project. From your first request, we will help you to get an accurate estimate, book your job, and won’t consider the job complete until we know you are happy!

PREP WORK: Quality Work is something we strive for. From making sure all holes and cracks are patched. We caulk all the gaps and seams between the walls and trim. All patches will be primed. All doors, cabinets and trim are brushed out. Our cut lines are nice and straight. After each day of work we do a full clean up to your satisfaction.


COLOUR SAMPLES:   If you are going with the same color as before or changing colors all together, we are sure you will see a nice difference. Choosing colors sometimes can be a tough task. We will help you make sure you are happy with the color you selected, by providing samples to various areas of your project before we start to apply the finish coat. We understand that no matter how nice of a job we do, if the color is off then you’re not going to 100% satisfied. PAINT: Quality finish paints. Some of the benefits of using quality interior paints are

  • The ability to wash the walls or clean off stains.
  • Colors do not fade from sunlight coming through the windows.
  • Consistent sheen.
  • Last much longer compared to bargain paints

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